Working with anal cancer treatments

I need to know what the possibilities are for being able to work as a school teacher while going through treatments. Any thoughts are welcome. 

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You maybe able to work the first few weeks depending on how you tolerate the chemo. Unfortunately the side effects of the daily radiation will start to catch up with most by the fourth week. You will find you need the bathroom urgently and frequently. I would plan to take off work and then allow yourself several weeks to heal. You should be ready to go back to work by second semester, maybe sooner. I would plan to take some time to heal. You can always go back sooner if you feel up to it. Some can Work through their treatment, but school teaching or nursing like I did isn’t flexible for the hours you have to work and allow for frequent breaks and trips to the bathroom.
Take care of you,
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You are confirming what I thought based on research. A personal account is reassuring. Thank you for taking time to share. Taking care of others is my nature, I’m learning to take care of myself.
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I continued working through treatment. I am self-employed. I do balloon decor for events. Everyone is different...
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I was not able to work at all.
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Every one is different, hard to tell ahead of time.
Work was do able the first 2-3 weeks, of treatment, after that, you probably want to be home. I did start back 12 days after treatment, a couple hours a day, with the understanding with my boss, I might need the bathroom anytime, without warning, and the private one was a distance away; so it might take a long time. Also, traffic, and private bathroom availability is huge. You can't take for granted you will make it there every time.
I never worked full time, after treatment. I had put in for retirement 3 months before I knew I had cancer. And I had tons of sick leave; so, hard to say, if I could do full time, traffic took 2 hours a day.
Exhaustion, still runs my life, post treatment. (But, I do a lot in life, inspite!)
Are you doing 5FU with the Mitomycin?
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Keep in mind too your immune system will take a bit of a hit so you would want to limit your time around a lot of people and kids especially I was told. I was not able to work because of the physical nature and long 12-14hr days.
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I was home for the six weeks of treatment and six weeks recovery post treatment. Some people can work at home but I was not able to do it. Chemotherapy really made me sick but everyone is different. The chemo lowers your immunity so you don't want to be exposed to all the kids as as a teacher. The radiation didn't get bad until the fifth week. I learned to take care of myself from this experience.
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Hi Karen!
I know some on here do continue to work. I was fortunate as I also work for a school system and went through treatment and healing over summer break. I was in pretty good shape by the time school started. I have to say that as treatment progressed there is no way I could have worked. Maybe my age?..I was 57 when I started treatment. Between just feeling so unwell and fatigue as well as the bathroom issues/ I ended up with blood clots in my lungs and legs right after treatment ended...landed in the hospital for 6 days. Just could not have done it. Anyway...we are here for you! Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Yes, I would agree that the most prudent course of action would be to take sufficient time off for treatment and subsequent recovery. We all react to treatment somewhat differently, but it’s really common to have urgency issues during and after treatment. It’s also very common to have your white blood cells knocked out by the chemo, which can cause your immune system to take a hit. Best to stay home and rest. Good luck, and keep us posted—we care!
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I was not working then, so was fortunate not to have this decision to make. Some people are able to work the entire time, but a lot of people have to take time off. It's so hard to know how well your body will handle treatment until you are in the thick of it.
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I would not have been able to do it the last two weeks. For sure
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My radiation oncologist recommended I not work. Being around so many kids with a weakened immune system was not a good idea. I was out for 3 months. When I went back I worked only half days for a few weeks. I was the school Media Clerk (library). So many kids and so germs. There was no way I could have worked with the way I felt.
Take care of yourself.

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I took off for treatment. Fortunately, I had alot of sick time so I used them..took off 6 months altogether. I was holding them out for retirement but if I dont get well there will be no retirement. Also with u being a teacher. I am worried that you will be exposed to lots of germs that your body may not be able to handle. Be good to yourself because treatment may be brutal.
I’m an aide working in an inclusion class with behaviorally challenged students in the 4th grade. When I had treatment 18 months ago for my analysis cancer I took two months off at the urging of my family, coworkers and principal. I could have probably worked the first few weeks but not after that at all. The combos the Chemo and radiation were exhausting. I would wake up ok go get my radiation, eat a little then sleep most of the day. I didn’t know it was possible to sleep as much as I did. My radiation was 28 days spread over 5 1/2 weeks. I went back after being off 8 weeks. The first few weeks were really difficult to get through as I didn’t get a break other than lunch all day ( I don’t know if you have a planning period? That will help if you do) I came home and slept for a couple if hours for the first few weeks too. It took me a few months before I was able to cut out the naps. But then I’m 62 maybe naps are normal LOL.
I probably could have worked the first few weeks (except it was painful to sit!) but definitely by the 2nd chemo (5Fu & mytomicin) I was totally wiped out. As other posters note, your immune system will be severely compromised, and being around all your students/virus carriers might not be advisable. You really need to take care of yourself and give yourself every chance to focus on your disease during treatment.
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